Servicing Assessment
& Repair Appraisal

Fair estimation of vehicles repair costs in few minutes, not days

Servicing Assessment & Repair Appraisal calculator by Avtopro is the best solution for corporations with a large car fleet, insurance companies, service stations to calculate the cost of needed auto parts. Using the latest Microsoft technologies in cloud computing and machine learning, we could create a unique solution that copes with big market data helping experts to make the best choice from our extensive database

Why customers prefer SARA

Layer 1
This is an expert decision that you can trust
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This is much cheaper than engaging an independent appraiser
Layer 1
What used to take hours or even days of grueling comparisonsbr now takes couple of minutes making search in a convenient interface

How it works

The process of selecting auto parts is very similar to the search for air tickets.
Search result offers available options and you only have to make a choice of what to add into the basket.
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Variant 2
Variant 3

Total transparency and full control.

Total transparency and full control.
Easy search with results directly
from sellers.

We offer more than 50 parameters of search configuration for the best results.

Total transparency and full control.

Proprietary database, which we have manually verified.

Daily updates of 500 mln. items from 15,000 sellers.

The possibility of manual check and correction of results.

We are expanding our database every day, for 18 years now.